Stealth BJJ Online Training

For those of you that don’t know there is now Stealth BJJ Online – our very own library of the techniques taught in class. So you can catch up on classes wherever you are, whether you’re in Manchester or travelling abroad.

I recently started my subscription and despite having other BJJ instructionals, I have found it really useful. Just being able to re-watch some of the BJJ techniques Steve has taught recently in class has been awesome. There is always that one little thing that I forget or miss. So being able to watch it back has been a great help. Plus the other bonus is if I still don’t get it, I can ask Steve to explain it.

The site has both the White and Blue Belt syllabus on there, which for someone starting out is really useful. Trust me when I first started training I used to find it really hard to remember what was taught in class. Even when I wrote up notes later, I still forgot little bits. To be honest I still forget bits, that hasn’t changed and it has nothing to do with my age! But I am going to claim it happens to us all and it’s not just me.


I remember trying to drill what I had learnt in class and getting completely lost. Then trying to look the technique up on YouTube. They were never quite what I’d learnt. So I would definitely recommend it to anyone starting out. You now have the actual stuff you are trying to learn available on your phone when you are trying to drill it.

Steve has also has the advanced Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes on there, which has been particularly helpful for me. As it seems that I must have either zoned out in class or my memory is bad. As I would swear there are some techniques on there that I totally do not remember seeing. Whether it is just me or not I am treating it as a bonus.

The advanced classes are currently limited to the last few weeks, but new ones are added every week so this will continue to grow.

So now Love Island has finished, do yourself a favour and check out Stealth Online its still £5 a month for the time being.