Manchester BJJ Open, Tanko, European Masters and more

May is going to be a big month for Stealth BJJ. This weekend we have a team of guys going over to the IBJJF European Master Championship. The Masters categories are for those people over 30 years old. This is the first time the IBJJF have run a European Masters International Championship. So this is a great opportunity for the Stealth BJJ Masters Team.

The Stealth Team is made up of:

Blue Belts
Phil Russell, Vincenzo Neglia, Peter Wilson

Purple Belts
Stewart Glenc, James Tighe

Brown Belts
Emil Malczewski, Wing Chau Cheung

I know all the guys are looking forward to competing at this new Championship in Barcelona and I’m sure they will represent Stealth BJJ brilliantly.


But then on May the 14th both Emil Malczewski and Wing Chau Cheung will be joining black belt David Minto at the Tanko Submission Championship. This is the first Tanko Submission Championship and will be televised on Sky TV.

David Minto will be fighting Shaun Matthews of Redcar BJJ the first black belt in Teeside. David won gold at the IBJJF European Championships at brown belt. So this will be a really good match at black belt.

Wing Chau Cheung was recently promoted to brown belt, after winning gold this year in the European Championship. So the match against fellow brown belt Kieran Coxon will be a great challenge for Stealth’s new brown belt.

Finally brown belt Emil Malczewski will be facing former UFC bantamweight Ian Entwistle. Emil is also a newly promoted brown belt, receiving it in February this year. Only a few months later Emil won the NAGA nogi elite division. Beating two black belts on the way to claiming his NAGA belt.

You can see the promotional video for the Stealth BJJ Tanko Team here

Tanko Promo Video from Stealth BJJ

Then to round up all the May madness Stealth BJJ has a large team of guys competing at the BJJ 247 Manchester Open. Part of this team is a strong group of women. Vicki Harold, Coral Smith, Em Yarwood and Isabel Chen are representing Stealth BJJ. For both Isabel and Coral it will be their first competition and the women have been working hard together preparing for this. It has been great to see the Stealth BJJ women pulling together to prepare for this. I will be writing a more specific post about Isabel’s thoughts on her first competition at the end of the month. So more to look out for during May.