Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training in Tenerife – A White Belt’s Perspective

Since joining Stealth BJJ in April 2016 as a total beginner, I’ve taken part in multiple seminars hosted by our head instructor Steve Campbell at Stealth BJJ HQ in Manchester with guests such as Neil Owen, Vinicius Marinho and Ben Poppleton. These sessions specialised in learning armlocks, de la Riva guard and guard passing to name just a few.

You may ask yourself, why do Jiu Jitsu seminars and camps? Is it relevant? How can it be applied to me? I’m only a white belt? Do I need it? Then ask yourself, imagine spending 3 hours with David Beckham and learning how to play football? Yes of course you would! This would almost be impossible but with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu we are extremely fortunate, having access to such BJJ pioneers and masters in seminars within our club.

Taking this one step further when the opportunity came to train in Tenerife for a whole week, dedicated to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, honestly I did not hesitate and it has been one of my most enjoyable experiences of my life.

BJJ Winter Camp Tenerife

Training started at 10.30am followed on by an evening session at 7.30pm. During these sessions we covered arm control with ‘catch’, Iatzchevitch roll, Adams roll, “chop” , Ude Garami figure four Americana shoulder separation. All in one attack. Probably the most impressive armbar technique ever made!

Sounds complicated?

Well I thought the same, but after training for nearly a year at Stealth BJJ it was starting to come together. I began understanding and applying these principles. During the week training camp in Tenerife, I was able to break down each component step by step and with a mixture of similar level training partners, piece together all the elements throughout each session until the fear subsisted and it became almost second nature as the days went on!

Techniques Olympic medalists have used alongside the basic fundamentals in unison resulted in a fantastic week of fun, humour, friendship and a huge improvement in technique and confidence.

I had the opportunity to roll with Olympic athletes, black belts, brown belts and even some of my own fellow white belts. Something I would have thought impossible only 9 months ago. Each roll in itself was a learning opportunity and despite being at the mercy of some of the fiercest talent, the biggest power of all is the ability to tap out and do it all over again!

The week went so quickly, they say time flies when you’re having fun and recovering in the sun certainly does take the mind off the aching muscles!

Overall a hugely rewarding and memorable experience I look forward to doing it all again.